{June 10, 2013}   Quick Update From Boston

I’m literally stuck in Boston. I lost my car keys and my extra set is back home, about three hours away. Amazingly enough though, I’m not stressing about it. I’m so stress-free, content and happy right now. I don’t want to go home. Wouldn’t it be amazing if I could just disappear from my “life” and start all over again here? Ahh, the dreams!

I didn’t make it to any gay Pride events, but I have a very good excuse. I spent the day riding around in a fancy Cadillac Escalade with a woman I’ve been crushing on since I was fifteen years old. I had an amazing time 🙂

Oh how I wish I didn’t have to leave!!!

{June 4, 2013}   It’s Meant to Be!

So I’ve mentioned a few times in my blog that I’m heading to Boston this Friday for however long I wish. Today I found out that there are going to be a lot of Gay Pride events going on while I’m there. It’s like it was meant to be. I’m pretty freaking psyched! If you’re in or around the Boston area definitely check out this link:


I hope someday that this will be me with the love of my life. You go girls!

Al Borland

With the flannel, the hammer and the monkey wrench, minus the beard, we may be twins!

Today this handy butch ripped up a hardwood floor all by herself. I felt kind of like Richard Karn’s character from Home Improvement, Al Borland. Give me a hammer and a crowbar and I can do a lot in no time at all. I also assisted with pouring concrete to build a fireplace. It was a very productive day and my body is screaming two things at me: 1) VALIUM! 2) Why can’t we just be a typical female?  Well, because that would be boring now wouldn’t it? I put the boys to shame when it comes to handiwork and that’s all that matters.


Okay, she doesn't actually TALK to me, but she sends me dire messages.

Okay, she doesn’t actually TALK to me, but she sends me dire messages.

Tomorrow’s plans include doing an oil change on my car before heading to Boston on Friday. These new

vehicles are so finicky, they actually tell you, “Hey! It’s about time you gave me some love. I cart your ass all over God’s creation and I never let you down.” I guess it’s a good thing that I’m a certified mechanic. I feel bad for the women who get screwed when they go to buy a car or have something done to their car. Men can be such assholes and see women as easy prey for financial gain. It’s almost a hobby of mine to let guys think I’m clueless about these things so I can then make them look like an ass. I hope it makes them think twice the next time they try to screw a lady out of money.



I did a new painting. Nothing special. I still have to trim the edges. It’s a start, though. I haven’t painted anything other than walls since before Halloween last year. Not gonna lie- it feels good to create something from nothing again. I usually paint just female gay pride stuff, but I may branch out and include the guys next time, too. We’ll see.
Once I get my room finished I want to frame all of my paintings and hang them on one wall, museum-style. Once again, we’ll see. It’ll be awhile yet before my room gets finished.

{April 8, 2012}   Staying Busy

I spent about seven and a half hours painting this from my heart. My psychotherapist asked me for a painting for her office a few weeks ago & when I finished this one, I realized it will be perfect for her office.

I think I will frame this and keep it for myself 🙂
I spent about four hours painting this.

et cetera