{February 22, 2013}   She’s Come Undone

Not only have  I been slacking off with my training and missing important meetings, but I just dropped out of physical therapy and dyed my hair a strange red. Tomorrow I’m taking Stubby back to his previous home. Tonight I’m going to a different state to go to a bar and people watch… maybe even have some fun? I won’t be having any more than a few beers because I’ll have a two hour drive . I’m also picking up a couple of people on the way, so I’ll be responsible for their drunk asses too.

I’m taking a break from my therapist too, but I wonder what she would have to say? I almost think she would cheer me on, but if not maybe she would suggest that I’m unhappy with something in my mind or feeling like something is out of my control, so I’m becoming a control freak with what I can control. Like my hair color and what I do. You know, that might not be too far from the truth.

Til I figure it out I’m going to try to enjoy myself as I unravel.

{October 26, 2012}   I Chopped My Hair Off

I did it! I got my hair chopped off. Here are the before and after pics:

This is me with my annoyingly curly hair that I used to have to straighten every day, and then put a baseball cap on.

And this is my hair now. It feels so good!

Now I just wish there was a permanent solution to getting rid of the red highlights. Oh well, my hair is now short and it feels great! Of course there are a few people who are upset about it and my brother even refuses to look at or talk to me, but like I said earlier- screw them. It’s my hair, my life. And I’m happy with it 🙂


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