{December 5, 2013}   Quick, Happy Post

I’m feeling pretty awesome right now… I’m spending my first night in my new place tonight πŸ™‚Β  It’s just me and Babe, oh how peaceful! Earlier I put my Christmas Tree up and wrapped some gifts. I have a lot more stuff to move in but it’s feeling pretty homey πŸ™‚

{October 6, 2013}   Expanding my Musical Horizons

Thanks to a new friend I recently discovered a liking for Fiona Apple. Here are a few songs I really enjoyed and want to share:

My FAVORITE so far is “Get Gone”:

{September 4, 2013}   I’m With The Band

Steel Pans

This evening I went and did something crazy… I tried out for a Steel Drum Band and was chosen! Mind you I’d never touched a Steel Drum, let alone seen one in real life, before tonight. They showed me a few things, I banged them out with no problem and perfect rhythm and BANG! I’m in! It’s pretty exciting and gives me something to look forward to. And it’s sooo much fun! It doesn’t do any miracles for my shoulder and back pain but the emotional benefits seem to outweigh the negative physical effects. We’re going to get together every Tuesday night from now until May, when we will participate in a Steel Drum Festival. I’m already nervous but I’m excited at the same time. I love music, I love playing music and I’m thrilled to be a part of a musical group once again. It’s also a plus that I’m learning a new instrument πŸ™‚

Man, it’s been much too long since I’ve been this excited about something.

My Best friend got me this shirt today, after we went to see The Heat. Apparently Angry Cat is fitting for me. Haha. Angry Cat actually looks a lot like my cat, Babe, lately… she’s doesn’t do well with the heat and humidity, it makes her super cranky. Me too!


{June 26, 2013}   I Am Blessed

Allow me to be weird and somewhat sappy for a minute.

It’s only Tuesday but it’s been a really long week already. I’ve been suffering an awful headache since last Thursday (this is day #5) and I’ve been right out straight. We had a twenty-two year old girl complete suicide last Thursday via hanging and it seemed to go South from there. I’ve been busting my ass cleaning houses to make some money and in return I’ve been aggravating my back, neck and shoulder injuries. We had a house struck by lighting, a woman fall asleep while driving and hit another vehicle, a boating accident, an elderly lady hallucinating and seeing spiders (my greatest fear, right up there with clowns) and I’ve been involved with a Police investigation (I didn’t do anything, I’m a witness). Between doctor appointments, work and life in general I’ve felt like I’ve been living in my own little hell. Poor, poor, pitiful me, right? Well, I reflect on all of my complaints and think to myself: what do I have to complain about?

I’m alive. My loved ones are alive and well. I can walk, can usually talk and I’m not facing anything life-threatening at the moment. I have a job, or two, when so many people can’t seem to find work with this economy. I have food in my refrigerator, a roof over my head and I don’t want for much. I’m lucky enough to have the “extras” in life: a swimming pool, a luxury car, friends and family who care about me… it really could be worse. I guess it’s a good day when I’m the medical provider and not the patient. That may just be my new favorite pick-me-up saying.

I’m realizing that I am blessed. It’s a good feeling to realize it, and I think I’m making good use of my blessings by helping people in crisis. Even on days when I’m feeling down and can’t help myself, I can help someone else. As we joke about in EMS- I’m one of the chosen few. πŸ˜€

{June 24, 2013}   Perfect Song

For that someone I’ve “Got A Thing For…”



{June 24, 2013}   More P!nk Discoveries

Some of my favorites and some “new” ones I’ve come across and had not heard yet.


Some old favorites:




{June 19, 2013}   Mood Matcher <3

Today’s songs match my mood and what I’m feeling. Please, forgive me for being ‘sappy’.

{June 19, 2013}   Just a Text Can Do All That?!

After my incredibly traumatizing doctor appointment where I got spinal injections today, I was feeling very sore and quite cranky. But then… that girl texted me and all that bad stuff went away. I literally smiled and giggled like a little girl. The pain and woes forgotten by a simple: β€œwhat’s up sexy chica, como voce vai?”.
I’m feeling good, and stunned that a text can do all that. It’s the kind of things you only hear in a song and rarely ever feel.
I’m smiling πŸ™‚

{June 17, 2013}   Tangled Up :)

Every time I hear this song it rocks me to the soul. It’s one of those songs I FEEL deep down in my core.

et cetera