{December 5, 2013}   Quick, Happy Post

I’m feeling pretty awesome right now… I’m spending my first night in my new place tonight 🙂  It’s just me and Babe, oh how peaceful! Earlier I put my Christmas Tree up and wrapped some gifts. I have a lot more stuff to move in but it’s feeling pretty homey 🙂

{November 30, 2013}   Movin’ Out!

pic   1I got my own place!!! That’s right… I’m finally moving back out of my parent’s house! This time is different though- I’m going to be living by myself, no roommate, just Babe and myself! I’m so ready for this. I’m very excited. I will hopefully be moved in by the end of this week.

The only snag? I have nothing… no coffee pot, no furniture other than my bedroom furniture (bed, dressers, TV), no kitchenware (plates, silverware, glasses)… nothing. I will be living like a first-time college student for a few months until I can accumulate the luxuries.

This is going to be GREAT! I start packing tomorrow 🙂

{August 29, 2013}   Where I Belong

Where I Belong

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