{January 15, 2013}   Chin Up :)

Ayn Rand Boundaries






Left Unsaid














Like the wind,
I am changing
For better or worse,
I’m traveling a
new path of
courage and
will power. I
will go where
this road leads
me, I will find
what is meant
to be. Where I
will end up,
I can’t be sure,
but I will be a
better person, and
that’s a certainty.
I will jump the
hurdles with all
I have, I will glide
through the calm,
thankful for the breath.
I will fight to the
bitter end, just to
show you that
I can. I am jumping
in, head-first, and
if I’m in over my
head, then I
will learn to swim
with the best.
I’m going to
make it yet.

{April 6, 2012}   Problem Girl

This is a GREAT song!

Listen up, ladies!

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