{November 11, 2013}   My Playlist


“I’m gonna make it to the top, well let me show you, and if I’ve got to toughen up then that is what I’ll do, don’t make me a monster, baby, you’d be crazy, that’s for sure…” ~Jem

Nonessential information: I have a routine I must follow or I go completely ballistic- Go to Dunkin’ Donuts every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday night at ten o’clock in the evening to get my medium, hot, French Vanilla, extra-extra with a shot of espresso and three ice cubes. Then I sit in my car in the parking lot, listening to music, and drink exactly half of the coffee before taking the long way home. I need this time, this constant, or I go totally ape-shit.

My current playlist is:
1.) “24” by Jem
2.) “Good Enough” by Sarah McLaughlin
3.) “In the Arms of an Angel” by Sarah McLaughlin
4.) “Save Me” by Jem
5.) “Seduces Me” by Celine Dion
6.) “They” by Jem
7.) “Come Over Here” by Sarah Bettens
8.) “Dreamin’ of You” by Celine Dion
9.) “Adia” by Sarah McLaughlin
10.) “Do What You Have to Do” by Sarah McLaughlin
11.) “Falling Into You” by Celine Dion
12.) “Fire on the Mountain” by Rob Thomas
13.) “I Always Knew” by Jem
14.) “Just Stay Here Tonight” by Augustana
15.) “Thank You” by Dido

Because fifteen songs is way too many to post the videos of I chose a few of my favorites, three that really speak to me at the moment:

{June 19, 2013}   Mood Matcher <3

Today’s songs match my mood and what I’m feeling. Please, forgive me for being ‘sappy’.

{June 18, 2013}   Is It Love? Or Is It Lust?

I feel like a little school girl because the girl from Boston and I have been flirting via text messaging nonstop since I left her in Boston a week ago yesterday. It’s totally wrong, I know, I just don’t care. Her girlfriend is a (an possessive) bitch. Besides, it makes me feel good about myself. At the same time it makes me feel uncomfortable, like the annoying harness on a roller-coaster. I’m excited for the ride, it’s fun, but I’m prepared for it to end because you just can’t stay on the roller-coaster.

You follow me? If not, here’s a song by Jem that explains all the feelings I’m feeling right now:

{January 15, 2013}   It’s Just a Ride

Today’s song is a little more uplifting than the ones I usually post. A friend of mine has this song as my ringtone on her cell phone and I have to wonder why? I’m much more cryptic than the song is:

This song is more like me (Grey’s Anatomy):

et cetera