{September 4, 2013}   I’m A Big Kid Now

LGI finally broke down and ordered a new cell phone… a touch screen phone. I guess I’m finally growing up, or just breaking down and following trends? I’ve had the old flip-style phones since I got my very first cell phone ten years ago. However I’ve never had much luck with them: one went swimming in the river on a kayaking trip, one got washed with my clothes, two got thrown and smashed, one got run over by a firetruck and my latest one, the one I have now, is worn out. Half of the buttons no longer work and I’m going through texting withdrawals. So I got on the computer, felt like I was cheating on a significant other, and researched cell phones. I’ve decided to go with Straight Talk and the L38G Optimus Dynamic LG. It should be here Monday and I’ll be put to the test. I have all I can manage to use my Kindle Fire HD because it’s a touch-screen and there’s no keyboard or mouse. I’m quite technologically challenged, to say the least. I do feel confident in my latest endeavor, though. The only thing that disappoints me is that I cannot seem to find a case for it with either a Maltese Cross (fire department symbol) or the Star of Life (EMS symbol). I can’t even find a decent-looking pink camouflage case. So it looks like I’m going to have to settle for a plain pink and black case.

I guess I could be having far worse troubles than a physically disabled cell phone and not getting exactly what I want.

On the very bright side of things I’m finally getting into the Pain Clinic on Friday and will be able to get more pain meds. That will be a huge relief and help me out tremendously. I’ve spent much too much time working on the computer at my office for the last few weeks and my body does not like it. Deadlines are evil, I like to freelance!

{January 25, 2013}   Spoiling Myself

That’ s what I did yesterday. I took my ex- best friend to brunch to celebrate her buying a house (I really just miss her so that was my excuse). Then we went to Staples and I bought a Kindle Fire HD. I bought one for my parents for Christmas and I really liked it and I wanted in the worst way to be able to discreetly borrow LGBT books from the library. So I got a code from my library that gives me access to the State Library’s ebook data base, where I can borrow books electronically for two weeks each. No way could I do that on my parents Kindle! So I bought myself one. I’m having a blast with it, too! I may have gone a little bit overboard with buying the car charger (pink) and stylus (pink) and case/cover thingy (pink) but I almost don’t feel guilty about it… I almost feel like I deserve it. The first two short stories I read last night were Crumbs: A lesbian Hansel and Gretel (Sappho’s Fables) by Elora Bishop and The Witch Sea by Sarah Diemer. The good news, ladies, is these two books are FREE for purchase as ebooks on Amazon! I recommend them for some downtime reading. They’re not very erotic at all but they allow you to put your own imagination into overdrive. Check out… They’re FREE.

My sister walked out of the ER Wednesday night A.M.A. I had to go pick her up because it was -8 degrees out and she was there because she’s a little crazy lately. She stayed here the last two nights and it pissed me off because her two kids are here and she won’t have anything to do with them. I did, however, inform her and my mother that if she tries to leave here and take one or both children with her I will call the police. Child endangerment. She’s suicidal for God’s sake! I’m beyond fed up with her at this point. If someone wants help they need to assist in being helped. Til then there’s nothing anyone can do for them short of ¬†having them arrested and involuntarily locked up.

Today I have a lingering migraine from yesterday so I’m going to keep must locked in my room and away from the chaos as much as possible.

And play on my Kindle! Time for a strictly ME day.


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