{August 11, 2013}   ~*Love’s End*~
Another poem I just penned.

Another poem I just penned.

{August 7, 2013}   Same Love

This song played on The Fosters during Stef and Lena’s wedding. I love it. I’m so glad I found it!

{July 16, 2013}   Truth



This made me laugh because my physical therapist air-headedly always kept telling me to “ stay straight” and “My goal is to make you straight”. Hahaha. Of course, she was talking about my spine and she never understood why I chuckled every time she said something like that.

{June 4, 2013}   It’s Meant to Be!

So I’ve mentioned a few times in my blog that I’m heading to Boston this Friday for however long I wish. Today I found out that there are going to be a lot of Gay Pride events going on while I’m there. It’s like it was meant to be. I’m pretty freaking psyched! If you’re in or around the Boston area definitely check out this link:


I hope someday that this will be me with the love of my life. You go girls!

Al Borland

With the flannel, the hammer and the monkey wrench, minus the beard, we may be twins!

Today this handy butch ripped up a hardwood floor all by herself. I felt kind of like Richard Karn’s character from Home Improvement, Al Borland. Give me a hammer and a crowbar and I can do a lot in no time at all. I also assisted with pouring concrete to build a fireplace. It was a very productive day and my body is screaming two things at me: 1) VALIUM! 2) Why can’t we just be a typical female?  Well, because that would be boring now wouldn’t it? I put the boys to shame when it comes to handiwork and that’s all that matters.


Okay, she doesn't actually TALK to me, but she sends me dire messages.

Okay, she doesn’t actually TALK to me, but she sends me dire messages.

Tomorrow’s plans include doing an oil change on my car before heading to Boston on Friday. These new

vehicles are so finicky, they actually tell you, “Hey! It’s about time you gave me some love. I cart your ass all over God’s creation and I never let you down.” I guess it’s a good thing that I’m a certified mechanic. I feel bad for the women who get screwed when they go to buy a car or have something done to their car. Men can be such assholes and see women as easy prey for financial gain. It’s almost a hobby of mine to let guys think I’m clueless about these things so I can then make them look like an ass. I hope it makes them think twice the next time they try to screw a lady out of money.


{June 1, 2013}   ~* Stolen Moments *~
Poem written by me. Photo edited by me.

Poem written by me. Photo edited by me.


On the drive home from the hospital this morning we drove by a little-known nudist colony and attached to their sign was a gay pride flag. It’s the only gay pride flag on display in this little valley and it made me really happy to see it. I fully expect that someone will remove it or deface it soon but the fact that it is there is a good sign. I was not surprised that the nudists were the first to put one of these flags out because (around here at least) they’re more of a minority than us homosexuals.
I’m hopeful, though not optimistic, that more flags in support of homosexuality will start popping up.
I’ve heard people say that there needs to be more tolerance for homosexuality… I disagree. You can “tolerate” a drunk in the bar. We don’t need tolerance, we need support and once we gain the support we deserve, we need equality. We deserve equality. Just like John and Jane, who have been married for X number of years and have a little boy, a little girl and a perfect little puppy, we pay taxes, we work hard to support our families and we deserve to live “live the American dream”.
Okay, rant over.


{May 3, 2013}   Beautiful Women

I look around
and see beautiful
women surround
me. I spot
you on my
arm and I
squeeze your hand
a little more
tightly. There are
lots of pretty
girls in this
big world, but
your beauty is
more than skin
deep. You see
the real me,
you love the
Imperfect me, you
reach me, you
embrace my crazy.
I look around
and see ordinary
women surround me,
because you’re unique,
you’re the only
one for me.

{April 8, 2013}   Humanity Is Sickening

I usually shelter myself from all of the cruelty humans inflict upon each other. I don’t watch the news and I don’t listen to reports on the radio. However, I do have a FaceBook account and terrifying news and stories are abound on the social media sites. I just read an article and I feel a little sick to my stomach now. Check it out:

The worst of all of these, in my opinion, is Urban Outfitters- “We’re not homophobic, we make clothes specifically designed for homosexuals… and then use their money to fight against their rights.” So basically they use us to finance their anti-gay campaigns. How sick is that?

And how about that Salvation Army official that said he believes homosexuals should be put to death? It’s entirely possible that if you checked his genealogy you’d find he’s a descendent of that psychopathic sadist Hitler. I’m not one to bash on the President of the United States but I have to wonder if he purposely sought out the votes of homosexuals and African Americans so he could just continue us down the path of destruction we’ve been on for the past five plus years? I don’t recall him being super supportive of gay rights during his first campaign for Presidency… but like I said before, I don’t really follow the news.

On a semi-related note, I found an interesting website. I don’t know about anyone else, but I know I feel a little uncomfortable when I go to see a physician (GYN, Therapist, Chiropractor) and they go on and on about their husband/boyfriend and then ask about mine. A lot of people assume that others are ‘straight’ and I run into that a lot, despite my obvious butch look. So I stumbled across this website where you can find LGBTQ healthcare providers and more. It’s worth a gander:


et cetera