{October 7, 2012}   Monopoly and White Russians

I finally rolled out of bed a little before ten this morning. I had a good night last night 🙂

My night began with my mother being upset with me because I declined her invitation to go out to dinner. I simply said, “No, thank you”, and she got all upset and mad at me. My reasons for not going: I was wearing my ball cap, I spent a large portion of the day cleaning all of the apparatus at the fire station and reorganizing the ambulance and needed a shower before I could go somewhere in public and remove my ball cap. No one likes to show off their hat hair at a dinner table! Or take God-only-knows what germs from an ambulance to a restaurant. Then just as my parents headed out the door to go to dinner one of my older brothers called and she invited him out to dinner. He also reclined, and for some reason that made my mother even more mad at me.

Anyway, after I showered and got cleaned up (with some help from my buddy, Bud Light) I went to my brother’s house to play Monopoly with him and his sort-of-girlfriend. This is the part where my night turned into a good night. Even though my mother showed up and actually played with us a little later on… My brother and I were drinking White Russians (vodka, Kahlua, coffee syrup and milk) and we got silly. It was just a fun time. And I won’t lie: It does help that I won the game with a little over $95 million. We weren’t playing your classic game of Monopoly, we were playing Monopoly: Here & Now, where the denominations are tens of thousands of dollars and millions of dollars. My brother and I used to play this game all of the time, but we hadn’t played it in a few years.

I love simple, low-key activities. I’m a dork who would rather stay in and play Scrabble or Cribbage than go to a concert. Or out to eat 😉

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