{March 6, 2012}   *~Crisp Silence~*

Clear New England Winter Night

Ah! I welcome the
silence when it
comes into my mind.
Tis a rarity that my
fleeting thoughts are
quieted, that my mind
slows long enough to
appreciate the hush.
The silence welcomes
good thoughts to
permeate my thick
skull. Here and now,
not then, not next.
The red is lifted from
my eyes, I can see the
stars shining brightly
in the crisp night sky,
not a single one falling,
each one more brilliant
than the last. The
Universe is perfect this
evening, not a breeze
to stir the skeleton branches
on the maple tree. A
slight chill in the air
that keeps you grounded,
but not rooted, in reality.
The moon crawls gently
across the snow, making
it sparkle in the soft blue
light. The cold pricks my
lungs as I breathe in,
makes my breath linger
when I exhale. All is
alright in the woods

et cetera