{July 30, 2013}   ~*New Beginnings*~ (Revised)
Summer Storm

A photo I captured immediately after a violent storm tore through.

{March 26, 2012}   *~Simple Pleasures~*

Flower from my Dad's garden.

The warmth of
the sun penetrates
my entire being,
filling my heart
with happiness.
A slight breeze is
tickling the Maple
tree’s branches
and carrying the
scent of spring to
fill my soul with
a new beginning.
Simple pleasures,
down the street
kids splashing in
mud puddles, up
above birds flitting
from limb to limb,
at my feet ants
busily trying
to rebuild their
hills, repair the
damage of a
New England winter.

In the cool evenings
the slight wind
carries the sound
of bears awakened
from a deep sleep.
The stars shine brightly,
the moon illuminates
the new life that
spring has birthed.
The rippling of the
nearby brook fills
my ears with winter’s
demise. If I listen
closely I can hear
the fresh blades of
grass impaling the
soft ground, revitalizing
the lost but not
forgotten scenery.
The time for renewal,
of the body, of the mind,
of the Earth. There is
nothing comparable to a
New England Spring.

et cetera