{January 2, 2014}   Glitter in the Air

{November 11, 2013}   WARNING: HOT video!

There is no denying that this video is hot! Now, usually I don’t understand how people, men or women, get turned on by porno or ‘sexy dancing’, but holy crap Batman! Who doesn’t love P!nk? Check it out:

{June 24, 2013}   More P!nk Discoveries

Some of my favorites and some “new” ones I’ve come across and had not heard yet.


Some old favorites:




{June 22, 2013}   Like A Broken Record

I don’t listen to the radio much, I prefer my MP3 or CD’s, so when I hear a “new” song that I like I tend to play it over and over again, til it’s like a broken record 😉  Here’s my newest obsession (I LOVE Pink!):


Listen to that PIANO!!!!!!! 😀

{November 9, 2012}   No Heart, No Hurt, No Bleed





{October 13, 2012}   Confusion At It’s Best

I had a good time at the movies last night. Pitch Perfect was very funny! I also enjoyed my company, who took me for Chinese before the movie. We had a great time sharing stories and after the movie we went back to their apartment and just hung out watching TV. There were no expectations of anything other than having a good time with each other, which is what I so desperately need: someone who doesn’t expect anything from me.

I’m not one of those girls who falls head-over-heels in love in no time. Actually… I’ve never fallen head-over-heels in love. I actually have a fear of depending on people for anything. Probably because so many people have let me down. So we’re taking it slow. We have to be friends before anything else can occur, before feelings can go any deeper. It takes quite a bit to earn my trust. The secret to earning my trust is gentle persistence. Show me that you’re interested, but don’t get obsessive about it. I don’t want you blowing up my phone a hundred times a day or leaving me ten messages on FaceBook. I’ll get back to you when I’m ready. This person seems to understand that.

But I’m still swirling in confusion.

Today’s song is Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely) by Pink:






{March 11, 2012}   SOBER



{March 6, 2012}   Music Sets Me Free

How about some more upbeat songs?

{March 5, 2012}   P!nk

“Don’t lose your passion or the fighter that’s inside of you…”



Oh, remember being a teenager? The awkwardness, trying to fit in and trying to discover yourself? I pray that I’m never in a situation like Junior High and High School again!

By the way- Don’t you just LOVE P!nk? She’s so talented. The modern Janis Joplin.

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