poollightningIt was a hot, humid ninety-six degrees out today so I spent a couple of hours in my pool. All of a sudden the sky turned black, so I hopped out of the pool and on my way into the house I heard the first rumble of thunder. I quickly got dried off and dressed in anticipation of fire alarms being set off by lightning. I no sooner pulled my shirt on and my pager sounded for a tree down on wires and on fire. I raced to the station, hopped in an engine and went to the scene. As I was backing the engine into the station my pager sounded again for a transformer on fire, so we took off again. We went straight from that call to another tree on fire on power lines blocking the road. We quickly cleared that scene to respond to another transformer on fire. I worked four calls in an hour and a half. Once I finished my reports I returned home for some dinner and my pager again reminded me that I live to serve others and my needs come last. A fifteen year old girl attempted suicide by overdosing on her antidepressants. She told me she was done getting picked on and she just doesn’t see any point in “sticking around”. I really felt for the girl.

It’s been a crazy day and I’m feeling it. My back and shoulder are broken. My physical therapist is going to kill me because I agreed to do “light duty” for two weeks if she wouldn’t write a note to my Chief telling him to take me off duty for two weeks. I offer up my wrong-doings but she knows the moment she touches me.

Valium and Seroquel are in store for me this evening. I do want to make one thing clear: I’m not complaining about my job- there’s nothing I’d rather do!!! I will risk it all if it means helping even one person.

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