I should be on the road headed for Boston in ten minutes, however my friend is running at least an hour late. That means we’re going to get caught up in rush hour traffic going into Boston.
I’m impatient. I wanted to leave last night!!!!!

Thankfully my physical therapist squeezed me in for this morning so I won’t be so sore for my road trip.


Let the good times roll Bean Town!!!

{June 1, 2013}   Butch No Like Dress!

I'm on the right (my cousin is on the left). I just noticed how small she makes me look.

Dresses are not my style! I hate wearing dresses. I’ve only worn a dress on three occasions: my high school graduation when I was sixteen, my oldest brother’s wedding when I was eighteen and my youngest brother’s wedding today. I tried very hard to convince my brother to allow me to wear jeans, my fire department shirt and my camouflage hat but he wouldn’t have it. I was green with envy when I saw another butch there dressed in black slacks, boating shoes and a nice plaid button-up shirt. If I had to wear a dress, though, it was going to be a “proud” one. Like my rainbow colors?
My brother is now married with a bun in the oven. Where does the time go?!


On the drive home from the hospital this morning we drove by a little-known nudist colony and attached to their sign was a gay pride flag. It’s the only gay pride flag on display in this little valley and it made me really happy to see it. I fully expect that someone will remove it or deface it soon but the fact that it is there is a good sign. I was not surprised that the nudists were the first to put one of these flags out because (around here at least) they’re more of a minority than us homosexuals.
I’m hopeful, though not optimistic, that more flags in support of homosexuality will start popping up.
I’ve heard people say that there needs to be more tolerance for homosexuality… I disagree. You can “tolerate” a drunk in the bar. We don’t need tolerance, we need support and once we gain the support we deserve, we need equality. We deserve equality. Just like John and Jane, who have been married for X number of years and have a little boy, a little girl and a perfect little puppy, we pay taxes, we work hard to support our families and we deserve to live “live the American dream”.
Okay, rant over.

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