{March 20, 2012}   Take Me Out Back & Shoot Me

How about a little venting session?

I grew up in a homophobic household. You could say my family is full of bigots. I never understood it. I guess it’s kind of like when I lived in Trenton, N.J.- there were African Americans everywhere, shit, I even had one living with me at one point. He was a very nice guy. I didn’t see color, I still don’t. I’m not saying I’m oblivious to the different races, I’m not stupid or blind. I’m saying I don’t care what you look like, who you like or anything else, as long as you’re a decent person we’ll get along and be friends. My family is also racist, by the way.

Anyway, I’m saying all of this because when I was visiting my parents yesterday my brother showed up and played a song that everyone thought was hilarious… except for me. It was a song making fun of homosexuals and it was very tasteless. I sat on it last night and today trying to come up for excuses for their behavior, but I can’t think of anything. They must realize that it bothers me… they know I’m attracted to women. They know I’m a lesbian, it’s not a secret anymore. Yet they continue to bash homosexuals in my face. They’re a bunch of rednecks who think “homo’s should be shot”. I have to say, that hurts. If that’s how they feel, why don’t they just take me out back and shoot me? It wouldn’t be as painful as listening to them hate who I am.

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