{September 13, 2013}   Cool, Rainy Nights


Tonight I cleaned my ass off at a friends house, trying to make it habitable. My reward: a nice, relaxing time in the hot tub with the cool, pouring rain coming down. It worked wonders on my achy back and shoulders. I’m spending the night with a great friend and then just hanging out tomorrow. Time for this girl to take a break from the every day stress 🙂

I’m twenty-three years old today. There’s nothing like a birthday to point out everything you haven’t done, everything you thought you’d be but haven’t become. Basically, all of your failures and shortcomings. So, I think birthdays are overrated. Unless, of course, you’re turning seven and are having an awesome birthday party at McDonald’s Play Place. Those were the days.

On a good note, my birthday gives cause to people supporting my habits. My Aunt went to the liquor store this morning and bought me my favorite, albeit pricey, wine. A BIG bottle. 🙂  Maybe by this evening I will be able to forget about the depression that my birthday has brought upon me and tie a few on and just be happy.

I have nothing planned for today except my short to-do list: do nothing. Haha. That’s all I want. I want to do nothing and I want to do it without visitors, mine or anyone else’s. I don’t think I ask for much?


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