{December 31, 2012}   A New Year is Upon Us
The ball that was dropped in Times Square, NY in 2009.

The ball that was dropped in Times Square, NY in 2009.

I never understood why people make “New Year’s Resolutions”… how many people actually stick to it? The two most common resolutions I’ve heard are, “I’m going to lose weight!” and “I’m going to quit smoking!”. Mmhmm. Me too. Eventually, maybe. I don’t make resolutions. I tend to dwell on what has to be done in the next year. For example in January I need to find a new truck (hopefully a Chevy Avalanche), remove the carpets from the house and put down wood floors, complete the Fire Department’s Town Report, finish up a bunch of testing and do another inventory of the Fire Departments EMS supplies. I’m sure there’s more, but those are the most important. It’s a little overwhelming, especially for someone who is a total homebody and rarely leaves the house. The very thought of shopping for a vehicle is frightening. I hate salesmen and as far as I’m concerned, there’s no need for them until it comes time to complete the paperwork. The worst part about them, which I discovered when I purchased my last truck, is they try to take advantage of females- they think, “oh, it’s just a woman, they know nothing about cars”. Surprise cocky salesman! I’m a certified mechanic! 😛

So, I have no New Year’s resolution.

I am looking forward to having a good time tonight, though. I’m celebrating with my parents this year, as I usually celebrate these types of occasions with my Auntie, and my brother and his fiance will be here as well as his two best friends, their girlfriends and one of my friends. We’ve got the pool table ready to go (I practiced with my Dad a bit last night and kicked his butt!) and my mother has her karaoke all set up. It should be a good time 🙂

This morning I’m off for some more nerve blocks and trigger point injections. Hopefully these ones work… the last ones didn’t seem to do anything but leave big, dark bruises all over my neck and back.

Happy New Year everyone!

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