Well it won't be a complete washout.

Well it won’t be a complete washout.

As you all know I’m going to be in Boston for the last weekend of Pride festivities. So is Andrea… Tropical Storm Andrea. She’s supposed to drop in Friday night into Saturday. That’s okay. What I’m really looking forward to is the block party on Sunday. I have a brand new pair of men’s black cargo shorts and a plaid short sleeve shirt to wear to the block party so I can look my best butch, aka- be myself and be comfortable.

I had a pretty awesome dream this morning just before I woke up. I was again seeing my former physical therapist (for physical therapy- this is the therapist I had a little affair with) and she was giving me the best back massage. After the massage she gave me a greeting card that she’d written in. It said: “I love u. I miss u. Please call me sometime soon. I need u.”. After I read the card I looked back up at her and she gave me a big hug and a kiss on the corner of my mouth. Her lips were so hot they felt like they could burn me.

Then I woke up and my face was laying on my heating pad. I may actually have a slight first degree burn on the side of my face. Go ahead, laugh it up.

Today’s song is one that has been stuck in my head. I know I’ve posted it before but it’s too good not to share again. It’s by Rob Thomas and it’s basically asking how you can be content with yourself when there’s so much destruction being wrought on humanity and the world. Rock on:


{April 6, 2012}   Problem Girl

This is a GREAT song!

Listen up, ladies!

{March 6, 2012}   Music Sets Me Free

How about some more upbeat songs?

{March 5, 2012}   Love The Music

“This life, keeps moving on

gone away, before too long

so tell your friends, just how you feel

you’d better say it loud, for the world to hear…”

~Rob Thomas (It’s Getting Late)

I stumbled across this song last night and I absolutely fell head-over-heels in love with it! Hope you enjoy it, also!

{March 3, 2012}   Matchbox Twenty

“It’s me, yeah well I can’t get myself to go away, oh God I shouldn’t feel this way…” ~Matchbox Twenty

Is it just me or does Matchbox Twenty speak to you? I love this group, as well as Rob Thomas solo. This is my song list today:

  1. “Her Diamonds”– Rob Thomas
  2. “Push”– Matchbox Twenty
  3. “Long Day”– Matchbox Twenty
  4. “Mad Season”– Matchbox Twenty
  5. “3:AM”– Matchbox Twenty
  6. “Bright Lights”– Matchbox Twenty
  7. “Back 2 Good”– Matchbox Twenty
  8. “Fallin’ To Pieces”– Rob Thomas
  9. “Hard On You”– Rob Thomas
  10. “Someday”– Rob Thomas
  11. “Something To Be”– Rob Thomas
  12. “When The Heartache Ends”– Rob Thomas
  13. “You Know Me”- Rob Thomas
  14. “Ever The Same”– Rob Thomas
  15. “Unwell”– Matchbox Twenty


Music is my favorite, most dependable, therapeutic outlet. There’s a song for every mood, every occasion. Music puts into words the feelings that all too often can’t make it past my mind and through my lips. Music is really just a different form of poetry. It’s insightful- you can usually tell what kind of a mood people are in by what they’re listening to. That is definitely the case with me.

et cetera