{June 13, 2013}   Attack on Chipmunk Lane

So I decided I’d burn some confidential papers in our burn barrel in the yard. As the fire got going good a chipmunk came flying out from under the barrel and ran up the inside of my leg. Scared the shit out of me! It seems appropriate though, because I live on Chipmunk Lane.


Those cute little rodents have some sharp nails!


Where's Waldo?

Babe is tired out today. Maybe it has something to do with our eventful early morning?
4:20 am- Babe comes to my bedside with a squeaking, injured mouse to show me her prize. (Little secret about me- I’m scared of small things that move fast, like spiders and mice). Of course, I freaked out, Babe took off and the injured, bleeding mouse got away. I have searched everywhere for this early morning rodent and cannot find it. I wonder where it will turn up? I hope it doesn’t…

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