{November 11, 2013}   Music is my Voice- “Plumb”

This lyrics video by Plumb, “Damaged”, is a beautifully crafted video. This song holds so much meaning for me and I think the video allows the viewer to feel a little bit of the raw emotion within the song:

In Plumb’s “Nice, Naïve and Beautiful”, if you listen to the violins at the beginning you can hear them crying sadness and misery. Towards the end, around “We’re all dealt our lumps of coal/What you do with it can turn beautiful”, you hear the violins change ’emotions’, if you will, and it sounds more like they’re crying from relief, happiness. Check it out:

***I may be a bit biased when I listen to music. The violins really catch my ear… maybe because I play the violin? Or because the violin truly does cry the emotions of the songs?

This next song by Plumb, “Manic”, hits very close to home. I grew up with a bipolar-manic-depressive mother. I’d say the lyrics in this song are pretty accurate:

I want Plump to sing me to sleep with this song every night:





{September 4, 2013}   I’m With The Band

Steel Pans

This evening I went and did something crazy… I tried out for a Steel Drum Band and was chosen! Mind you I’d never touched a Steel Drum, let alone seen one in real life, before tonight. They showed me a few things, I banged them out with no problem and perfect rhythm and BANG! I’m in! It’s pretty exciting and gives me something to look forward to. And it’s sooo much fun! It doesn’t do any miracles for my shoulder and back pain but the emotional benefits seem to outweigh the negative physical effects. We’re going to get together every Tuesday night from now until May, when we will participate in a Steel Drum Festival. I’m already nervous but I’m excited at the same time. I love music, I love playing music and I’m thrilled to be a part of a musical group once again. It’s also a plus that I’m learning a new instrument 🙂

Man, it’s been much too long since I’ve been this excited about something.

{June 25, 2013}   I Like Those Hot Messes

Uncle Kracker has finally figured out what my problem with women is. It’s all explained right here in this video:


{June 15, 2013}   Music Therapy

I don’t know about you but when I’m feeling depressed (which happens way too much) I turn to music more often than not. Happy music, sad music, angry music, love songs… whatever. I rock out to my own little karaoke, either in my car driving around or sitting in my room on youtube, and it helps lift my mood a little. Here are a few songs that got me tonight:


{May 28, 2013}   Obsession

I have a new sickness… an obsession…
I found a piano/keyboard game (okay, two) for my tablet and I can’t stop playing! It’s almost four in the morning and I’ve been playing it since about midnight. It’s worse than my Words With Friends or BINGO addiction!
I suppose there are much worse things that I could be doing. I think everyone should give this piano/keyboard game a try!

Thanks to late-night commercials my MP3 player is getting full. I heard this on a Trojan commercial the other night and fell in love with it. I’m a HUGE Elvis Presley fan and I usually feel sick to my stomach when someone tries to cover one of his songs, but this was so creative and… I just love it!


Sarge enjoying a relaxing evening

It’s my Mother’s Birthday! We’re sitting around the living room drinking wine, martinis and White Russians, singing karaoke. Okay… I’M not singing, but we’re all having a good time.
Sarge included!

{March 3, 2012}   Matchbox Twenty

“It’s me, yeah well I can’t get myself to go away, oh God I shouldn’t feel this way…” ~Matchbox Twenty

Is it just me or does Matchbox Twenty speak to you? I love this group, as well as Rob Thomas solo. This is my song list today:

  1. “Her Diamonds”– Rob Thomas
  2. “Push”– Matchbox Twenty
  3. “Long Day”– Matchbox Twenty
  4. “Mad Season”– Matchbox Twenty
  5. “3:AM”– Matchbox Twenty
  6. “Bright Lights”– Matchbox Twenty
  7. “Back 2 Good”– Matchbox Twenty
  8. “Fallin’ To Pieces”– Rob Thomas
  9. “Hard On You”– Rob Thomas
  10. “Someday”– Rob Thomas
  11. “Something To Be”– Rob Thomas
  12. “When The Heartache Ends”– Rob Thomas
  13. “You Know Me”- Rob Thomas
  14. “Ever The Same”– Rob Thomas
  15. “Unwell”– Matchbox Twenty


Music is my favorite, most dependable, therapeutic outlet. There’s a song for every mood, every occasion. Music puts into words the feelings that all too often can’t make it past my mind and through my lips. Music is really just a different form of poetry. It’s insightful- you can usually tell what kind of a mood people are in by what they’re listening to. That is definitely the case with me.

et cetera