{July 26, 2013}   I Work for a Higher Power

And I don’t mean someone with a fancy job title who makes more money than I do.

Here’s how my day has gone, so far:
04:00am- small fire in a machine shop. Piece of cake.

04:40am- 62 year old male, heart attack. With some Aspirin and some Nitroglycerin we were able to stop it, temporarily, and get him to the hospital.

10:30am- 84 year old female with severe stomach pain and possibly bloody stools. Package and transport.

13:00pm- 76 year old male fell, definite broken hip/pelvis. We gave him pain meds before we moved him and transported him.

18:00pm- requested by State Police to respond and check on a 43 year old male who had been assaulted. Upon arrival we fund out that his 20 year old son used his face for a punching bag, and he was positive he didn’t have any facial fractures because he’d fractured almost every bone in his face when he was younger and a “brawler”. We did not transport him. Good thing because any technician sitting in the back of the ambulance with him would have gotten drunk off his breath.

Five calls in one day is a lot for my department. Sometimes we can go a week without a single call. I’m a volunteer firefighter/EMT. That’s why I say I work for a Higher Power. I do it because it’s a calling to help people, not for the puny paycheck. Even if I didn’t get paid a penny for going on these calls I would still do it. I’ve never done anything more rewarding than holding an elderly patients hand while he writhed in pain, or holding a Mother while she cries because her daughter just completed suicide. You can’t put an hourly rate on this job. It has to be in your heart. And you have to have a strong heart to do the job without becoming damaged yourself.

{May 17, 2013}   volunteer.jpg

{March 16, 2013}   Fight For Your Life

That’s pretty much the pep talk my Chief gave us prior to this morning’s Town Meeting. We’re in desperate need of a new or used fire truck but the Selectmen have all but told us “tough shit”. We are fighting for our lives… the attack pumper we have now has a broken frame and if it lets go while we’re screaming down the road with 2500 gallons of water on it the chances of us surviving are very little to none. Unfortunately, this town’s taxpayers are wary of having their taxes go up by $14 a year. Again, unfortunately, we’re risking our lives on a daily basis for them but they hold little regard to ours.

The meeting will be a war zone this morning. To top it all off my Chief has planned battle with my Mother. He has her planning to speak up about how two of her children are on that truck at any given time. Everyone knows how volatile my Mother is. I dare someone to challenge her.

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