{March 12, 2013}   Small Victories

At the doctors yesterday I was elated to discover that I have lost four pounds! I know four pounds isn’t a lot, but if you think about it that’s a half gallon of milk or a can of beans. That’s just the motivation that I need to get back into boxing, broken hand or not. I still have one good hand πŸ™‚
Quick run down of my history: When I first injured my shoulder and my back I lost about ten pounds, bringing me just under my healthy weight according to the BMI. However, it didn’t take long of being laid up to gain that back, plus another ten. I’ve always struggled with my weight. I went from an obese fourteen year old to a thin, bulimic seventeen year old, to a healthy, active twenty-one year old. It’s a cycle, really. I still have my off days when I resort back to the bulimic ways, but I’ve been doing a good job with eating healthy and drinking a lot less alcohol and soda. And I’m at the point where I understand that losing fatty weight takes work.

Physical Therapy today. It’s raining cats and dogs and I really don’t feel like going anywhere. Is it just me or does it seem like every day is laundry day???

{March 4, 2013}   The Chicks Dig It!

I got the xrays done and…
Nothing’s broken! My pinky was just dislocated. The attending said the swelling was so bad he couldn’t see the dislocation. A few painful pulls and two xrays later, I’m all back together, just bruised, sore and swollen. They put a half cast on it that I’m supposed to wear for 10 days… ha! They also made me an appointment with orthopedics for Thursday because of the possibility of ligament damage, but I don’t think I’ll bother with it.
I’m a lot tougher than I look. Two days and my hand will be good as new and I’ll be back to bitching about my shoulder and back.
For now I’m working on my second espresso and getting ready for a day of shopping. On no sleep…

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β€œScars heal, glory fades/ and all we’re left with are the memories made/ pain hurts, but only for a minute/ life is short so go on and live it/ ‘ cause the chicks dig it!” ~Chris Cagle (Chicks Dig It)

{March 3, 2013}   Bath Salt Impossible

We had our first bath salt incident today. The twenty year old guy decided to try to out run the police officer who was attempting to pull him over for reckless conduct. The kid made it about a mile before trying to pass two cars on a sharp corner, ending up in a snow bank. He then got out of his vehicle and attacked the police officer who, after scuffling with him, managed to plant him face first on the pavement. They called us to check him out and he insisted he needed to go to the hospital via ambulance. He said his uncle is a federal judge and the police broke his back so he’s suing the Town. As the police tried to escort him he head butted the officer in the face and proceeded to flip out. It was quite a show. We did not transport the subject. He went via police cruiser. The arresting officer is a friend of mine and I just found out that they had to use three cans of pepper spray on the kid and then the hospital staff asked them to remove him from the premises.
Bath Salts- a terrible drug. Why in the world would someone take them knowing what happens??? It’s crazy. That kid is going to do time. His rap sheet just got exponentially longer.

Time for my evening workout πŸ™‚

{March 3, 2013}   Blood, Sweat and Tears

I’ve developed a workout routine. I turn on the tunes (Eminem, Godsmack, Queen, Disturbed- all good for kicking ass) and spend about five minutes warming up with quick, 50%-power jabs and silly dancing around, then I spend about ten minutes using 100% power kicking and jabbing. The last five minutes is cool-down mode, same activities as the first five minutes. I work up a good sweat and hit the hot-as- I-can-get- it shower.
I feel pretty good. Then later I will do my biceps curls and benching. I’m determined to get my girly figure better toned!
Shopping trip is on for tomorrow! I’m on my way to a better butch look. And I’m excited πŸ™‚
The one thing that this new boxing adventure is fouling up for me is my back and shoulder. What a great way to aggravate old injuries that you have yet to recover from. I really need to get my medical insurance back- I need the nerve blocks in my spine again and I definitely need a Chiropractor.

{March 2, 2013}   Bloody Good Time

Tip of the day- DO NOT BUY A WHITE HEAVY BAG if you’re a fool like me and prefer not wearing gloves. It will get bloody. In retrospect I now know I should have spent the extra $30 for a leather bag instead of being cheap and getting canvas. Canvas= burns. But I’m loving the workout and the release if stress and anger.


Oh yeah, and wearing hardly any clothes πŸ™‚

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